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Playful Principles® for Productive Meetings

Next-level meetings training that equips you to make the most of everyone involved

Are you looking forward to the year ahead and seeing more months of fading team connections and growing fatigue with endless unimaginative remote, hybrid and even in-person meetings?

Are you worried about ever-falling engagement, productivity and inventiveness as your people see months of uninspiring calls ahead?

Do you want meetings to be where the magic happens; where your people look forward to really engaging with colleagues and doing things they can only do together?

If so, a Playful Principles® for Productive Meetings workshop may be just be the perfect team activity.

In this experiential Zoom-based workshop packed with breakout activities, purposeful (and giggle-ful) games and short presentations, your team will:

  • re-establish connections
  • learn the neuroscience-backed principles for making the most of everyone in meetings, whether remote or in-person
  • take away simple tools and techniques that can be used immediately to make meetings, well, just better.

Fun learning. Deeper connections. Addressing one of the biggest current issues for teams that need to collaborate. 

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Make your team happier and more effective

Some more details

  • A three-hour standard session (it goes amazingly quickly)
  • Can be tailored with additional activities
  • Any size of team from 5 to 100 (if you have fewer people, check out our open sessions)
  • Delivered on Zoom

Standard session covers:

  • The basics of meeting preparation and structure revisited for the new more remote context
  • Design principles that will lift the engagement level of any meeting to make the most of every participant – derived from the extraordinarily effective LEGO Serious Play method for use in any kind of meeting where collaboration is important
  • Experiential breakout exercises that embed the learning from disciplines including LSP, applied improvisation and mindfulness – and are great fun

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Client feedback from Playful Principles sessions:

“Really useful session. Quite excited to try some of the ideas with my teams. Thanks so much- seriously useful morning!” 

COO mental health charity

“Remote facilitation skills are more important now, more than ever. I attended this great session, learned new techniques and met some lovely people.  Highly recommend this for you and your organisation.”

Head of Technology, Service and Delivery, Close Brothers Bank

“There was an abundance of both thought-provoking and practical stuff to take away and use which will enhance our participants’ facilitation generally, and their meeting leadership specifically. I would thoroughly recommend Richard if you need your meetings to be clearer, more engaging and more productive.”

Senior leadership programme director

“Excellent session last night on this course.  If you haven’t been on the course yet, do join the the next one.  I learnt so much and have a renewed excitement for virtual meetings.  :)”

Online Community Manager, Association of Project Managers

“This training session was a god send. The challenges of managing meetings and workshops remotely was becoming draining and dreaded. Now I have a new vigour from attending this session. They should not be missed. Richard Gold and the training is as they say gold in these times.”

Ray Fowler, Partner, The For Partnership

“It was really timely, concrete and feels like something I can put into practice straight away.”

Governance and Human Rights advisor

“I really enjoyed the session; there was a lot that resonated and I have already been able to put some of your framings and ideas to use, and hope to employ them further over the coming months. A lot of my work involves meetings where there can be a lot of different power and language dynamics, and so the concepts of psychological safety, equal airtime, and thinking with your hands, are really valuable.”

Project lead at Christian Aid

“The ‘wise wise wise’ part was hilarious but also showed how to quickly build connections.”

HR Lead at Utilities Company

I work within a national network with a strong focus on running events, this training could help us deliver better meetings

Network Co-ordinator, Citizens Advice

“It was delightful being able to smile in the breakout rooms and at parts of the presentation”

Knowledge Manager at Engineering Firm

Thanks Richard – it was very useful

Programme Director, Atos

From the post-workshop feedback survey:

  • “I enjoyed the breakout sessions which I normally do not.”
  • “Most of the tools for supporting participation, allowing time for individual reflection, for everyone to speak, icebreakers to enable people to connect, thinking about the flow of the meeting in advance.”
  • “The “Individually, Share, Discuss” formula”
  • “The way it was so interactive was surprisingly amazing for an online session”
  • “Too much to list – almost everything shared was applicable and I will be aiming to incorporate into an upcoming series of meetings”