Meetings training for whatever the new normal turns out to be

Playful Principles for Productive Meetings

Take your remote and in-person meetings to the next level of engagement with this experiential training from Bulbb

Do your meetings feel like the opposite of work?

Are they dominated by the extroverts or seniors?

Do conversations get anchored by the first person to speak?

Is it hard to get ideas flowing? 

Do participants leave feeling unheard – like they could have contributed more?

Do you want to get out of the meeting so you can get some work done?

Do you wonder how much of the potential has been left on the table? 

Are the new ways of working making it even worse?

Is the rapid shift to remote working leading to Zoom fatigue?

Are the limits of technology, remote locations and psychological barriers to contribution making the challenge of running productive, inventive meetings even greater?

It doesn't have to be this way...

Meetings should be where the magic happens

Where the team becomes more than the sum of its parts

Where relationships are made and ideas shared, built on and progressed

Where everyone in the room feels they have contributed, been heard, learned

And more importantly where the full potential of the resource in the room has been unlocked in service of the meeting’s objective

If this is what you want from your meetings, Bulbb’s training in Playful Principles for Productive, Inventive Meetings is right for you. 

Playful Principles will help you to  supercharge the interaction and effectiveness of your most important meetings

Playful Principles training equips you to take meetings requiring collaboration to the next level of effectiveness. 

Whether regular team meetings or one-off problem-solving sessions, you will have the tools to make the most of everyone in the room (whether in person or remote).

The Playful Principles are the powerful neuroscience, research and experience-backed principles that underpin the LEGO® Serious Play® method that delivers 100% engagement in the face of increased distraction, promotes psychological safety and breaks habitual thinking.

With new patterns of working, it has never been more important to bring great practice into meetings to produce the results you need. 

Delivered on Zoom, Playful Principles training builds your confidence in running remote meetings with techniques that will also supercharge your face-to-face meetings.

This training will show you how to incorporate them into the design and running of your most important team interactions to increase engagement and contribution using best practice and playful techniques.

What is covered in Playful Principles training?

Playful Principles training can be tailored to your needs – for small groups or large. Packed with breakout exercises, purposeful (and giggle-ful) games and short presentations, the training includes (depending on the length of  the session):

  • The basics of meeting preparation and structure revisited for the new context
  • Design principles that will lift the engagement level of any meeting to make the most of every participant – derived from the extraordinarily effective LEGO Serious Play method for use in any kind of meeting where collaboration is important
  • Experiential breakout exercises that embed the learning from disciplines including LSP, applied improvisation and mindfulness
  • Good remote facilitation behaviours and handling inevitable technical problems
  • Explore remote facilitation tools that the organisation wants to use