Project workshops

Workshops designed to help your people make your important projects more successful.

Example project workshops:
We deliver workshops at the start, in the middle and at the end of projects:

Project Kick Off

No important or complex project should begin without this workshop. Participants build a shared understanding of the purpose of the project and the capabilities that the team possesses to deliver it. They create a shared landscape of the factors that could help or hinder them; and they use the models to practice making decisions in hypothetical scenarios of their choice.  A day working on this will pay for itself many times over on any complex project.

"Align and Accelerate"

Are your projects and programmes not moving as fast as they ought to? Do you need to understand the cause of inertia and find a way to break through it? This workshop addresses many of the common causes – lack of alignment, limited view of the wider context, unspoken problems, for example – to surface what is holding you back and identify actions to help you accelerate forward.

Lessons Learned / Retrospectives

A well-facilitated LEGO Serious Play retrospective is a fantastic method for truly open, honest and authentic conversations about what worked and didn’t work in a project; and for building ideas for best practice that work in your organisation.

To find out more about these workshops and how we can work with you to adapt or develop them for your needs, please get in touch.