Team development workshops

Workshops designed to realise the potential of your teams, whether internal teams or when working with clients and partners.  This is not stopping work to play and bond; this is bringing play into work to help develop you as a team.

Probably the most productive away days you’ll ever have.

Example Team Development workshops:

We typically deliver three broad types of team development workshop. We always tailor the workshop to meet your specific requirements:

"Ready to Perform"

This workshop is designed to move a collection of individuals towards being a real team. A team that is alert and flexible, sharing ideas transparently, self-motivated, acting intentionally, in a co-ordinated manner and recognising their collective potential. Typically 6-12 people; typically a one day workshop.  Works for new team, established team or when team dynamics have been disrupted by change.

"Making the Most of All of Us"

A memorable awayday which will produce actionable ideas

An awayday designed to build effective collaboration among your broader team.  Participants will learn about and experience ways to improve collaboration; they’ll learn more about each other; and they’ll develop actionable ideas for ensuring that the full potential of the team is realised in the weeks and months following the workshop. Anywhere between 10 and 75 people; minimum of 4 hours; ideally a day.

"The Building Blocks of Meaningful Connections"

As we experiment with and adapt to new ways of working, it has never been more important to create meaningful connections between our people.

In this workshop, particpants playfully explore how fully connecting with each other can help improve how we think, communicate and solve problems.  They reflect on themes linked to building meaningful connections such as psychological safety, active listening, diversity and inclusion, creativity and collaboration.  And they learn a great deal about each other and themselves as they share deeply, listen intently and laugh together. 

From 10 to 150 people; 90 minutes to half a day

"Safety Catalyst"

Planning to take the team away for some difficult discussions and not ready to use LSP for the day? Starting the day with a 90 minute LSP session tailored to your topic will change the dynamic for the rest of the day